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Bialbero is a plant that hosts another tree on its top.

The specimen of Villafranca d'Asti is a cherry tree grown on top of a mulberry tree.

How a bialbero has been created? The most likely answer is that some passing birds have abandoned a stone, in this case of cherry, on the top of the mulberry tree and that the roots were born from it, which slowly but inexorably made space in the hollow of the mulberry tree until reach the ground, giving life to two completely autonomous but overlapping trees.

The Bialbero of Villafranca d'Asti was adopted by the Circolo Legambiente Valtriversa, which presented the candidature for the Piedmont Region to evaluate its inclusion among the monumental trees of Piedmont.

The acquaintance with the general public of the bialberi in the Monferrato area has been stimulated by the work of the journalist Marina Rissone who spoke about it on the local and national pages of the La Stampa newspaper, the last time on 27 November 2018 telling about the existence of a bialbero in Dusino San Michele.