Regione Piemonte

Chapel of Madonna della Guardia

Address: Regione Mondorosso, 14018 Villafranca d'Asti AT, Italia

Located in the Mondorosso Region, from 18 August 1887, is the chapel of the township.

On that date, Don Bussetti blessed her, authorized by the bishop Mons. G. Ronco.

After the First World War it underwent a first expansion by the bourgeois who built a red brick roof on the same pylon (1930).

Subsequently (1934) began the construction of the bell tower.

After the Second World War (1946) it was closed with walls, taking the current configuration.

In 1948 the old bell was replaced.

It should be noted that at first the outer walls were covered with white plaster leaving only the bricks of the upper plating and the supporting columns uncovered.

About ten years ago, the plaster walls were discovered, an operation necessary to eliminate the traces of humidity.

A further operation was recently carried out: the construction of a red self-locking perimeter sidewalk.

It is a center of devoted attraction.

Thanks to the maintenance operations described, carried out by the bourgeois, it is in good condition.