Regione Piemonte


Address: Via Roma, 48, 14018 Villafranca d'Asti AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 943885 

The office provides information on work, study, orientation and professional training.

In order to improve the services offered, the informal work has developed over time a system of collaboration with other services in the area:

the Employment Center,

the Schools and Training Agencies,

the Employment Agencies,

the Social-welfare Services and the local Associations. It has created a network of collaborations with other informal and informal services of the Province of Asti to share and enrich the information to be made available to the public.


selection of job advertisements appearing in newspapers, weeklies and websites;

reports of direct requests from companies;

job opportunities for the Center for Employment of Asti (avoiding having to go there in person);

seasonal job opportunities in Italy or abroad;

reporting requests from employment agencies;

notification of courses and calls for tender;

reports of projects aimed at unemployed people promoted by the Municipality and other public or private bodies;

telematic research using the internet;

summary sheets on various topics such as:

how to make a curriculum vitae;

how to deal with a job interview;

mini guide to internet sites to look for work;

guidance counseling;

support in drafting the curriculum vitae and the letter of presentation;

support for browsing and signing up to various internet sites including employment agencies;

information on the main income support due in the event that work is lost;

informative meetings on arguments relating to the world of work upon registration.

Opening times

Informalavoro is open to the public, with a free access desk, every Tuesday morning from 10:00 to 12:00 at the Town Hall of Villafranca, via Roma 48.

tel: 0141 943885