Regione Piemonte

Votive Pylon of Gesù Nazareno

Address: Regione San Grato, 14018 Villafranca d'Asti AT, Italia

Commissioned by a mother as an ex voto for the happy return from the First World War (1915-18) of the sons, the chapel was built by Enrico Costa, called Enrirot, and completed in the year 1922 under the title of Jesus of Nazareth.

At a later stage, at the height of it, a ceramic angel was placed, later knocked down by the passage of a wagon full of sheaves.

In 1927 Giovanni Perosino provided for his reparation and the angel was placed on the same site.

The pylon, by the will of the then owner, during the summer of 1989 was fully restored and repainted by Renato Ottenga di S. Grato; the original plaster statues (The Heart of Jesus and Mary Help of Christians) were repainted on the same occasion by Renato Bordone and his daughters Elisabetta and Bianca Maria, the three grandchildren of the foundress.